The Division Science and Technology Fair 2021 facilitate a learning environment that presents gifted students  and teachers the academic challenge in their fields. They can offer the types of experiences that foster the development of productive attitudes and work habits. They also can nurture emotional and psychological growth. Some of these benefits can be defined within the framework of differentiation and would need a separate article to explain. Pasay City North High School-MDC, compete in the fair to show the excellence of students and teachers in world of science and technology. Our school join different contest and receive some awards/recognition in Online-Quiz, Concept Quick Share, Poster Making Contest and Interactive Science Intervention Material.

Pasay City North High School-MDC proudly present the winners of Division Science and Technology Fair 2021:

Marinella Quinones 5th Place Junior High Science Quiz with the guidance of Ms. Anabelle F. Ferranco

Celline Monillas 4th Place Senior High Science Quiz with the guidance of Mrs. Michelle C. Duque

Rajie Declaro 2nd Place Junior High Digital Poster making Contest with the guidance of Mrs. Elena B. Achuela

Yesga Rain Balbido, John Leonard Galanta and Angel Loriz Alcoriza 2nd Place for Science Concept Quick Share with the guidance of Ms. Anabelle Ferranco and Mr. Jestoni Leal

There is no doubt that teachers of Pasay City North High School-MDC can serve as strong motivators for students by providing an incentive to study and work hard so they can be ready to compete at a certain level. 

The Pasay City North High School-MDC recognize the winnings of Mrs. Regina U. Sison who got the 1st Place of Interactive Science Intervention Material, Truly that the teachers of Pasay City North High School-MDC are real-world competitors with great mentors that supports the performance of each teaching personnel. The undoubtful support and guidance of our leaders  Mrs. Sara Jane T. De Los Santos-Science Department Head, Mr. Nunilon L. Moreno-School Principal and Our Cluster 10 PSDS-Dr. Efren E. Canzana gives us ladder to become more innovative, collaborative and excellent on what we do. 

This kind of academic competitions should not simply be relegated to a day or an event. They should not be used to show off raw talent and ability, exalting one child over another, or rewarding one school against another. These competitions should be an academically and psychologically enriching process in every ways to show who really are.

Thank you and Congratulations to All the winners.