Telstra – Teletech Bayanihan Caravan 2015

Telstra Foundation Philippines held TELSTRA-Teletech Bayanihan Caravan 2015 last October 22- 23 , 20015 in PCNHS – Main School Grounds. They started the program by announcing their activities that would nurture every learner and encourage them to join the workshop. They distributed food and drinks, which is part of their program. They also introduced activities to the students for them to enhance their different skills. Those are the Adobe Photoshop basics, Denim bag and wallet making, upcycled bag and wallet making, Basketball Clinic, Volleyball Clinic, Physical Fitness (Zumba), Do-it-yourself Sandals, Voice lessons, Dancing lessons, Theatre Arts, Polvoron and Pastillas making, Christmas Decor Making, Fun Board Games, and Urban Gardening. They will come back here on November 07, 2015, Saturday, for their workshop activities that will enhance our skills in different kinds. The said activities are part of their jobs as successful and concerned employees of their company who are there for us to help and guide us in shaping our future.

by: John Khendrick M. Llamera  / Grade 9 – Diamond

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